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Chinese number 6.

Where to next?

Further possibilities for learning

This integrated approach provides a good set-up for teachers to develop further learning within their area of expertise.

Visual arts

  • Using the idea of the Olympic Games symbols and using wood cuts, develop your own versions of symbols/flags or banners. These could reflect sport or the cultural groups in your school, or be signage for your school, etc.
  • Create a photo essay on a chosen theme, expressing our culture or 'one world one dream' from a New Zealand perspective, and using digital cameras and photographers’ work. 
  • Create collaborative collages using digital images. Refer to the work of Hong Hao as a model for your work.
  • Develop responses in drama, music, and dance to ideas about the culture and heritage of China.


  • Design an Olympic Games bid for New Zealand – students could use the Olympic Games criteria and present this, for example, in the form of a storyboard or a PowerPoint presentation. Students could show this to their own class, another class, or to the wider community.
  • Develop writing using the Olympic Games as a starting point – consider the perspectives of athletes, managers, and organisers.

Social sciences

  • See ideas for English, but focus on identity culture and heritage.
  • Develop further inquiry into some of the questions students raise.
  • Use current issues to look at issues of sustainability and the Olympic Games – the use of resources and the environment.

Language – Chinese

  • Pursue further learning in Mandarin Chinese by ordering the Hao kit or contacting the International Languages Aotearoa New Zealand (see Additional resources).

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