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Chinese number 5.

Where to next?

Summarise your learning

Summarise your learning within this unit so far. This could be done by creating a list of all of the aspects that have been included in the learning to date, with the students selecting different aspects, mapping the relationships, and explaining how they see the links. This will provide the teacher with a way of seeing what has been understood and provide the entry to discuss understandings, misunderstandings, and future inquiry.

More questions about China

Your learning may have led to more questions about the life, culture, and people of China. Select an aspect of China that is of interest to your students and develop this into a research inquiry. The template in Appendix 10 may be helpful for students to use in planning their own social inquiry approach. The inquiry could incorporate and build on ideas from earlier work, and focus on the future perspective by exploring new ways that people are becoming connected to China and issues that are arising for us in New Zealand due to the increased interaction. For example, the main question could be: "In what ways will my world increasingly interact with China?”.

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