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Chinese number 4.

Let the games begin!

Focus concepts:

  • Culture, heritage, and communication

Effective teaching:

  • Enhancing the relevance of new learning
  • Encouraging reflective thought and action.

Learning intentions

Students will:

  • consider how heritage is sustained through the expression of art today
  • consolidate their exploration of Chinese art by developing a class scroll using traditions of Chinese art.

Activity 1 – Making a Chinese scroll

Choose OPTION A or OPTION B depending on the timing of this unit to the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games opening ceremony.

OPTION A: Use the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games opening ceremony as the inspiration for finding and drawing images that represent China. When viewing it, ask students to look for a memorable image during the ceremony. The image could be active (for example, a dance), or a symbol, or a colour, or many of these together. For example, the students may see a dragon dance – why is this significant for China? What does it tell us about how people represent themselves?

OPTION B: Select appropriate images and symbols from your earlier research on China.

There are a number of options when developing the Chinese scroll. You could:

Scroll with Chinese characters.
  • Make one long scroll using the combined work of the class (cut and pasted on or printed together).
  • Make individual scrolls for each student.
  • Use a combination of watercolours (for an image) and black ink for calligraphy.
  • Add a signature seal to the scroll – this could be a fingerprint from the student in red ink, or design your own unique chop (visit Linking language and art for instructions on how to do this).
  • Display your work for others to see. Link it to your ‘Great Wall’ (see lesson 1 – China – what's it to me?) with your learning throughout the unit.


Go back to the initial question for this whole unit: "How does China connect with me?". Using your 'Great Wall' and the understandings you have developed, now consider this question again. At the top layer of the wall, put your final conclusions and thoughts to reflect your learning.

Language focus

Refer to language lesson 4 – Likes and dislikes.

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