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Chinese number 2.

Natalie’s adventure

Focus concepts:

  • Culture
  • Cultural similarities and differences, cultural diversity

Effective teaching:

  • Enhancing the relevance of new learning
  • Providing sufficient opportunities to learn

Learning intentions

Students will:

  • identify and evaluate similarities and differences between Natalie’s experiences in China and their own lives here in New Zealand
  • identify with Natalie’s unfamiliar experience by relating it to one of their own.

Resource: School Journal, Part 3 No. 3. (2006). 'Finding China' as told to Eva Wong Ng (Natalie Grace Ling-Yun). Wellington: Learning Media.

Years 0–3

Activity 1 – Reading and comparing

Read the story to the class and show them the pictures; the students could examine the pictures in pairs. As a class, decide what is distinctive about Natalie’s life in China and what we do that is the same. Create a Venn diagram together to show this.

Horizontal Venn diagram with two ellipses. Text on left: China experiences. Text in centre: Both China and New Zealand. Text on right: New Zealand experiences.

Years 4–6

The students read the story individually.
As a class, compare and contrast similarities and differences as above, but using two Venn diagrams focusing on food and school.

Activity 1 – Writing

Have the students complete a PMI (positive, minus, interesting) chart like the one below about Natalie’s experience, that is, what was positive, negative (minus), and interesting about her experience.





Have the students write about going to a new place and what it felt like.

Key questions

  • What would you like/dislike about going to China? (See language lesson 4 – Likes and dislikes.)
  • What are some of the different feelings that Natalie had when she went to China?
  • Have you ever felt this way? Describe.
  • Can you answer any of your questions from the wall display you created in lesson 1 - It's in the bag!?
  • Do you have any further questions to add to this display now that you have read Natalie’s story?

Language focus

Refer to language lesson 2 - The middle kingdom.

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