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Integrated unit years 0–6

Motivating questions

Is your life the same as mine? (Years 0–3) What is unique about China? (Years 4–6)

Lesson plans

Curriculum connections

These activities support an integrated approach to learning about China, and the wider context of Asia. They draw on key concepts that carry across a number of learning areas. Specifically at this level, students will explore, in an integrated way, the concepts of culture, heritage, traditions, and diversity. Achievement objectives that could support this learning are included below. These may change depending on the approach a teacher takes in this unit. Schools are encouraged to pursue further learning in each area as is appropriate for their programmes. See the section Where to next? at the end of this unit.

Through the course of this unit of learning, students will consider that:

  • people express their cultures and traditions in their daily lives
  • there are similarities and differences in the lives and culture of people in New Zealand and China
  • the image of a place is influenced by the culture and heritage of its people.

As they …

Social sciences

  • Gain knowledge skills and experiences to understand how:
    • the cultures of people in New Zealand are expressed in their daily lives (L1)
    • cultural practices reflect and express people’s customs, traditions and values (L2)
    • cultural practices vary but reflect similar purposes (L3)
    • the movement of people affects cultural diversity and interaction in NZ (L3)


  • Recognise that oral, written, and visual language can be used for effect within and across texts (L1, 2, 3)
  • Form and express (simple) ideas and information with reasonable clarity, often drawing on personal experience and knowledge (L1, 2)
  • Use some oral, written, and visual language features to create meaning and effect (L1, 2, 3)

The arts

  • Share ideas how and why their own and others’ work is made and their purpose, value, and context (L1, 2)
  • Investigate and develop visual ideas in response to a variety of motivations, observations, and imagination (L2)
  • Investigate the purpose of objects and images from past and present cultures and identify the contexts in which they are made, viewed, and valued (L3)
  • Explore and describe dances from a variety of cultures (L3)


  • Learn to communicate initial greetings, introductions, family members, numbers, likes and dislikes
  • Develop some initial understandings of the structure of language
  • Learn about the links between culture and language

(Level 1 emergent)
The approach will be influenced by the prior understanding of your students.

See the following web pages for more details on how this unit will also provide opportunities to develop and integrate key competencies and values:

Showcase China: Introduction to the integrated units

Key competencies, values, and achievement objectives

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