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Chinese number 4.

Team focus ‘Our team’

Level 5 Achievement objective, D1

Students will investigate societal influences on the well-being of student communities.

Learning objective

Students will:

  • implement a game representing moral and ethical values within the structure and culture of their chosen game.

Note: This lesson is intended to draw on the knowledge that students have built up around:

  • Olympism
  • New Zealand culture

Activity 1 – The New Zealand way

Play a range of games representing the values your New Zealand team would like to adhere to as a participating team in the Youth Olympic Games. Using the original five teams from the previous lessons, groups decide on a game that could be implemented with their class to explore these values further. The type of game would be one that we would choose to take to China as a snapshot of elements unique to New Zealand culture and sporting identity – a traditional game played here in New Zealand.

Each group takes responsibility for:

  • implementing that game
  • deciding on the rules based on their knowledge of Olympism
  • reflecting the New Zealand way during the game.

Activity 2 – Reflecting New Zealand

Notes: Students remain in their original groups and decide on the following to be shared with their class. Think about the New Zealand culture and identity and, as a group, answer the following questions:

  • What do we know about New Zealand?
  • What are the great things that the New Zealand youth team would choose to highlight?
  • During the Beijing Youth Olympic Games, how would you be identified as a team unique to New Zealand?

Design a team mascot that will represent these team characteristics (like the Fuwa).

Conclude the class by listening to explanations of each group’s mascot.

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