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People’s Games – wearing a message

Level 5 Achievement objective, D3

Students will identify the rights and responsibilities of consumers and use this information to evaluate health and recreational services and products in the community.

Learning objectives

Students will:

  • describe the importance of recognising people as an essential element of an Olympic Games celebration
  • design a team uniform which emphasises the moral and ethical foundation of the Olympic Movement
  • critique underlying messages associated with logos on uniforms.

Activity 1 – Wearing a message

Key questions

  • What does it mean to wear the New Zealand team uniform?
  • How does a uniform represent a group of people’s culture and values?
  • Think of a team you know and consider who they are sponsored by. What does that mean in terms of the values they support?

If you were offered the same support for taking the sponsorship labels off your clothing and replacing them with an Olympic Games message logo – what would yours say?

Provide dimensions for the logo label; students design it.

Notes: Once again, consider the connections between student’s responses and Olympism, that is, the joy found in effort, the desire to excel, and the educative value of being a good role model. There are numerous resources available online to help contextualise understandings around the manufacture of sports clothing and labelling.

Activity 2 – Looking behind the logo

Read Looking behind the logo.
 Design the New Zealand youth team uniform.

Key questions

  • What things do you think about when buying sports clothing?
  • What New Zealand owned sports clothing companies still design and manufacture here in New Zealand?
  • What’s different about buying clothes made in China?
  • How is the Olympic Games message and Olympism challenged in China?
  • What would be the advantages of buying New Zealand made clothing?
  • How could our Youth Olympic uniform display a more appropriate message?
  • Knowing what you now know about Olympism, what are some important considerations regarding the design and manufacture of these uniforms?

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