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Chinese number 8.

Social Action focus

Level 5 Achievement objective, D3

Students will identify the rights and responsibilities of consumers to evaluate health and recreational services and products in the community.

Learning objectives

Students will:

  • identify issues requiring social action in light of their understanding of the Olympic Games as a context for transformation
  • construct a submission reinforcing their views associated with the Youth Olympic Games of the future.

The aim of this lesson is formulate recommendations to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) regarding the Youth Olympic Games.

Students work in original Fuwa mascot groups. Using the information they have received throughout the unit, students will construct a written submission for the IOC outlining considerations for the Youth Olympics of the future.

Points to consider are:

  • Chosen sports – are they representative of current youth culture, global, and sustainable?
  • How an emphasis on people (People’s Games) could underlie any future Youth Olympic Games
  • How the educative role of sport can be enhanced through the Youth Olympic Games
  • How participants could best represent or illustrate Olympism, for example, on uniforms.

It may be useful for students to look at some New Zealand based sports manufacturers, for example, Kia Kaha, chalkydigits, and No Sweat.

These written submissions are collected and sent as a school to the New Zealand Olympic Committee who may choose to submit these to the International Olympic Committee. Visit the Olympic website.

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