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Chinese number 6.

Concepts – Green Games, Technological Games, and People’s Games

Level 4 Achievement objective, D3/4

Students will specify individual responsibilities and take collective action for the care and safety of other people and their school and in the wider community.

Learning objectives

Students will:

  • be able to recognise instances of: environmental injustice, technological inequalities, and issues relating to respect for people as individuals
  • take collective action to enhance their immediate environment in the three areas outlined above.

Three Olympic taonga for this lesson:

  • Green Games (rangimārie)
  • Technological Games
  • People’s Games (whenua)

Activity 1 – Green Games

Green Olympics

The 2022 Olympics will be the first Games in history to power all venues solely with clean energy from renewable sources. Sustainability initiatives ensure that ecological protection is one of the Organising Committee’s top priorities.

  • Cooling towers have been transformed into Olympic venues.
  • Blast furnaces have become training centres.
  • An iron ore storage tower has become home to the Organising Committee.
  • Beijing will re-use eight venues from the Olympic Games 2008.

– International Olympic Committee | Beijing 2022 committed to hosting “green, inclusive, open and clean” Games

 Each group is given a rubbish bag and the string or elastic that connected them in lesson 1 – Amazing race and must:

  • collect as much rubbish from around the school as possible
  • consider one environmental issue in relation to physical activity in their school, for example, climbing trees – damage to trees; travel to school – bike vs. car.

Key questions

  • What were some of the many environmental issues China had to consider in preparation for the Olympic Games?
  • What have they done to address these issues?
  • Does it make China a better place?
  • What will they now have to do to sustain these changes?

Activity 2 – Technological Games

 Hi-tech Olympics

Technological advances will become a key part of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, as smart robots, 5G-enhanced "bullet-time" camera arrays and cloud-based broadcasting are tested in a major venue for the games.

– Global Times | Beijing Winter Olympics underpinned by technological advances

Play the same game twice, but make technological changes. Students must look in the gear shed and find old and new sports equipment for the same game.

Note: You may have to source this equipment before the lesson.

Some ideas:

  • tennis racquets – old vs. new
  • softball – playing with and without mitts (wooden bats vs. aluminium bats)

It may mean students work in smaller groups with different sports equipment and rotate round activities.

Key questions

  • How have Olympic sports changed over the years?
  • What effect has the change in equipment had on sport?
  • What effect has the change in equipment had on people?
  • How could everyone have access to better equipment?

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