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Chinese number 1.

Amazing race

Level 4 Achievement objective, C3

Students will describe and demonstrate a range of assertive communication skills and processes that enable them to interact appropriately with other people.

Learning objective

Students will:

  • demonstrate interpersonal skills to work effectively as a team through a challenging situation.

Every session begins with a Chinese whisper (clue towards final destination in Amazing Race – Beijing, but this is secret). Students must wait until the message has made its way around the group and the final person shares the message:

Deliver Chinese whisper:
“There is precious taonga buried in the sandpit, we must dig it up …”

Refer to information on the ancient Olympic Games.

Begin lesson seated around sandpit and share Chinese whisper. BEFORE the lesson, the teacher will have:

  • buried a plastic bag containing five ancient Olympic Truce disks. Coloured Frisbees could be used to represent the disks and five pieces of elastic long enough to loosely connect a team of five or six students. There should be one piece of elastic in each of these colours: red, blue, green, black, and yellow (these are the Olympic Rings colours and are also significant to Chinese culture)
  • pre-selected five even teams of students
  • written the ‘Olympic Taonga’ on cards to be placed at various points around an obstacle or orienteering course.

Notes: A modification to this task could be that students are looking for taonga that will be required to be written on their team Truce. Taonga (treasures) will reveal continuity and change of the Olympic Games over time (776 BC – AD 2008).

Refer to:

Ministry of Education. (2004). "Seeking the Taonga",  Olympism – Attitudes and values in physical education yrs 5–7 , p. 16. (from the Curriculum in Action series)

"Seeking the Taonga" in lesson 3 – Olympic Games identities and values.

Olympic Taonga for the Amazing Race are as follows:

  • Altar of Zeus
  • stadium
  • Hippodrome
  • athlete
  • statue
  • Pierre de Coubertin
  • Olympic Rings
  • Olympism
  • Beijing
  • Chinese identity and values
  • Fuwa (friendlies – mascots)
  • Green Games, Technological Games, People’s Games
  • human rights
  • ‘one world’

Notes: Before this session, the teacher plans an obstacle/orienteering course using existing playgroup equipment or around the school. Each of the 14 Olympic Taonga above must be hung strategically about this course.

At the conclusion of each lesson – finish with ‘Truce time’:

‘Truce time’ is when relevant information from this session is discussed and each team is required to ask a question of the class.

Notes: Groups must prove that they have recorded all Olympic Taonga on their truce disc to qualify for the next Chinese whisper. This can be written on the disc in marker pen for future reference.

Deliver Chinese whisper:
“An ancient site where athletes gathered every four years.”

This could be researched for homework in preparation for the journey to follow.

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