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Chinese number 6.

Presentation of the opening ceremony

Level 3 Achievement objective, D2

Students will participate in communal events and describe how such events enhance the well-being of the community.

Learning objectives

Students will:

  • present examples of the opening ceremony that display specific elements of Chinese culture and Olympism
  • describe how events such as the Olympic Games can impact on a community, society, nation, and the world (could also specifically link this to school events and the impact on the classroom, school, and local community).

This session is devoted to the presentation of the opening ceremonies designed by students.

Activity 1 – Presentation

Each group performs and audience evaluates using the following presentation criteria:

  • students must be MOVING at all times
  • everybody has a role
  • all key points on the Fuwa information cards are evident
  • defined beginning and end.

Activity 2 – Unite the group by forming the Olympic Rings

In this activity, the class works in their five groups to join together and present a human formation of the Olympic Rings. The same activity could be done with larger groups, that is, classes could unite to make the Olympic Rings.

Groups must be dressed in their group colour and interlinked.

Teacher takes a photo from above.

Key questions

  • How could the Olympic Games impact on the well-being of the Chinese nation?
  • How could the Olympic Games impact on well-being within the global community and specifically in New Zealand?
  • What was the message your ceremony told?
  • How is Olympism challenged in China?

Social Action phase

It is important that children have the opportunity to practise voicing key learning and questions resulting from this unit of work. The opening ceremonies could be presented at the school assembly and children could outline the things they like and admire about China as a host country and the things they have concerns about.

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