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Chinese number 5.

Designing an opening ceremony – Friendship, peace, and good wishes from China

Level 3 Achievement objective, B2

Students will develop movement skills and demonstrate confidence in challenging situations.

Learning objective

Students will:

  • use movement skills to illustrate their understanding of aspects of an opening ceremony, integrating elements of Chinese culture and Olympism.

Activity 1 – Learning about the opening ceremony

Begin by asking the following key questions.

Key questions

  • What do we now know about China?
  • What are the great things China would choose to highlight through their opening ceremony? Are there things they may not choose to highlight?
  • What are the things that people choose to highlight when given the opportunity?
  • How could the Olympic Icons be used in an opening ceremony?

Activity 2 – Designing an opening ceremony

Divide the class into five groups. Each group is allocated a Fuwa (Beijing 2008 Olympic Games mascot). Students spend the next two sessions designing an opening ceremony, using the Fuwa information cards.

Download the Fuwa information cards (Appendix 1) and give each group one of the cards. (Note, these are from Beijing 2008).

Notes: The information cards have been based around the five Fuwa and various aspects of the Olympic Games which must feature in their performance. Blessings and elements of nature are represented in the characteristics of the Fuwa. The Fuwa incorporate characteristics of Olympism and Chinese cultural identity.

Introduce the task:

Groups design elements of an opening ceremony based on the information card that they have been given.

Four steps for the design of their opening ceremony:

  1. March into stadium.
  2. Entering of the Olympic Torch and lighting of the flame.
  3. Demonstrate a Chinese cultural game.
  4. Create a small dance demonstrating their Fuwa’s characteristics.

It is important that students consider the message they want people to understand about China through their presentation.

Presentation guidelines that must be explicitly addressed:

  • dress in their designated Fuwa colour
  • students must be MOVING at all times
  • everybody has a role
  • defined beginning and end
  • ensure aspects of the Olympic Games opening ceremony are evident, for example, lighting of the Olympic Flame (as in lesson 3 – Olympic Games identities and values).

Question to ask class: What makes a good performance?

Students have 15 minutes planning phase (may need to outline ideas on paper).

Allocate appropriate time for groups to practise.

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