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Chinese number 5.

Our school

Level 2 Achievement objective, C2

Students will describe how individuals share characteristics and are also unique.

Learning objectives

Students will:

  • participate in activities they select as being representative of ‘favourite playground games’ within their school
  • using photos and pictures, send an outline of these games to children in China so they can attempt to play similar games.

Activity 1 – Play and photos

Focus question:

If we were going to take some of our favourite school games to share with children in a school in China, what would we take to show them?

Students choose two games often played in their school, for example, tag games and padder tennis.

Note: These do not have to be formal sports – refer to the website of Sport New Zealand (SPARC) if necessary.

Play both games and remind students of key rules and purpose. Take photos of students playing these games.

Activity 2 – Writing task

Send photos, rules, and a letter to a Chinese school explaining games your students enjoy (could also use individual drawings).

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