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Chinese number 4.

Back home in traditional New Zealand

Level 1 Achievement objective, B1

Students will develop a wide range of movement skills.

Learning objective

Students will:

  • participate in a selection of te reo kori 1 activities, refining their skills in this area.

Level 2 Achievement objective, C2

Students will describe how individuals and groups share characteristics and are also unique.

Learning objective

Students will:

  • participate in activities traditional to New Zealand culture and describe how these activities are unique to New Zealand.

Notes: There is a bicultural perspective for this lesson. While we acknowledge New Zealand’s multicultural nature, this lesson has a te reo kori focus.

Te reo kori

Students will work in groups of eight to complete the task. Spend 5–7 minutes exploring each activity as a class then move on to the next (while the class works in groups, they are still doing the same activity at the same time).

  • poi
  • whai/kai makamaka
  • hei tama tū tama
  • te rākau

Key questions

  • Why are these activities special to New Zealand?
  • How are they different to Chinese games?
  • How are they similar?
  • What do you like about these games?


  1. Te reo kori – Māori physical education activities that incorporate Māori language, cultural values, and tikanga. The activities include games and pastimes, local environmental education, dance, and drama. For further information, see Exploring te ao kori.

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