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Physical education unit years 0–3

Lesson plans

Theme: Similarities and differences

Sports studies: Skills to identify and discuss the social and cultural significance that sport has for individuals and for society 1

Unit aim:

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • describe the similarities and differences in these activities
  • investigate and take part in activities from:
    • China – as the host city for the Olympic Games in 2008
    • New Zealand – as a participant country in the Olympic Games
    • Greece – as the originating country of the Olympic Games (776 BC)
  • describe their understanding of both country and world
  • explore Olympism (Olympic Ideals) through the Fuwa (mascots), and describe how they benefit from participation in sport and physical activities.

Make posters, downloading the Fuwa information cards (Appendix 1). Ensure their messages are echoed throughout the unit. Key information that posters could include initially are the names and animals/flame that the Fuwa represent. As the unit develops, continue to add information about the Fuwa and this will lead on to developing an understanding of Olympism.


  1. Ministry of Education. (1999). Health and physical education in the New Zealand curriculum . Wellington: Learning Media. (p. 45). 

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