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Key competencies, values, and achievement objectives

Key competencies

  • Relating to others – interacting effectively with a diverse range of people and cultures; learning to listen actively, recognising different points of view, and negotiating and sharing ideas.
  • Participating and contributing – the participation and contribution of school and community members in language and celebrations; the interaction of students in group work, which reinforces how we respect, share, communicate, and value culture.
  • Using language, symbols and text – using, producing, and communicating with the English language/texts and some introductory knowledge of Mandarin Chinese text and language.
  • Thinking – using questioning, and creative and critical thinking within this context of learning.


During the course of the units, the following values will be encouraged, modelled and explored:

  • respect for self, others, and human rights
  • diversity, in our languages, heritages, and cultures
  • innovation, enquiry, and curiosity in critical and creative thinking
  • excellence – aiming high and persevering.

Achievement objectives

The specific achievement objectives for the learning areas are shown in each unit of learning.

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