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Showcase China: Introduction to the integrated units

Asia is one of the fastest growing regions of the world. It is likely that New Zealand students will increasingly 'connect' with Asia over the course of their lives in the form of economic trade, culture, language, and the media.

This resource is designed to engage students in Asia awareness, using the 2008 Olympic Games as a springboard to explore the people, places, and cultures of China and Asia.

Showcase China uses an integrated approach across four learning areas – social sciences, English, the arts (visual arts), and languages (Mandarin Chinese) – through which students develop knowledge, skills, and experiences of aspects of culture, heritage, language, and traditions of the peoples of China.

It provides teachers with a wide range of activities to support student learning in years 0–10. These include suggested approaches to current issues during the Olympic Games, an exploration of the customs and traditions of China, the use of the visual arts to communicate traditional Chinese culture and heritage, and an introduction to Chinese language.

Four quadrants showing four learning areas, with star in the middle showing knowledge specific to Asian cultures that may be acquired through these.

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