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Effective pedagogy

The teaching strategies used in this resource are based on research into effective pedagogy. Using a teaching as enquiry approach, teachers are encouraged to reflect upon the focus of the enquiry (directed by the 'big ideas'), establish their students’ prior knowledge, and put in place appropriate teaching and learning strategies. Following a sequence of learning, teachers can evaluate the success of the learning and then put in place opportunities for the next steps for learners.

The strategies used in this resource include:

  • Creating a supportive learning environment –
    • promoting positive relationships between the class and the local community.
  • Making connections to prior learning and experience –
    • finding out what students already know and have experienced and developing learning based on this.
  • Enhancing the relevance of new learning –
    • exploring the significance of this learning for students, and being part of the process and discovery of learning.
  • Facilitating shared learning –
    • sharing learning through the life experiences and knowledge of students, teachers, whānau, and community members.
  • Providing sufficient opportunities to learn –
    • having time to engage with, practise, and transfer learning to new and related contexts.
  • Encouraging reflective thought and action –
    • reflecting and thinking critically and creatively about information, ideas, and learning.

This resource provides many opportunities to foster positive relationships within the classroom and highlight the value of cultural diversity within an inclusive and caring classroom. Deeper conceptual understandings are fostered through an integrated approach to the 'big ideas' across a number of curriculum learning areas – including social sciences, English, languages, and the arts (visual arts focus).

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