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Reflecting and sharing our knowledge

Approximate duration: 2–4 lessons


Key competencies:

  • Thinking
  • Managing self
  • Relating to others
  • Participating and contributing

Effective teaching:

  • Encouraging reflective thought and action
  • Facilitating shared learning
  • Providing sufficient opportunities to learn

Links to social inquiry processes:

  • Considering responses and decisions
  • Reflecting and evaluating


Conceptual understandings/learning intentions:today we are learning that...

  • (Level 3) The cultural practices of Chinese New Zealanders and other new Zealand cultural groups do vary but they often reflect similar purposes.
  • (Level 4) Chinese New Zealanders and other New Zealand cultural groups pass on and sustain their culture and heritage in different ways and for different reasons.
  • (Level 4) The passing on and sustaining of culture and heritage has consequences for Chinese and other cultural groups in New Zealand.

How has my learning developed during this unit and why is knowing about the Chinese lantern festival important?

The teacher shares the conceptual understandings from the unit (listed above) and asks the students to discuss each one in light of their own learning. Can they explain each conceptual understanding using their new awareness of the Chinese lantern festival and other celebrations? Do they think each conceptual understanding is right? Can they add any new conceptual understandings?

Students are asked to consider why it is important for us as New Zealanders to know about the Chinese lantern festival. Make sure that students realise that a large number of Chinese people live in New Zealand and celebrate their new year and the lantern festival here.

How can I share what I have found out about the Chinese lantern festival with others?

The students brainstorm different ways that they can share their new knowledge about the Chinese lantern festival with others. Ideas could include: make a book to share with the local pre-school; make a class PowerPoint show to play at assembly; make a class movie; share their work with their parents at home. Students may decide to host their own Chinese Lantern Festival at school and invite parents and friends.

The students make a decision on how to share their new learning considering their skill base, resources and available time. The students then work together to ensure that their new learning is celebrated and shared. They will need to make a list of necessary tasks, construct a timeline and allocate responsibilities and jobs.

If possible, students visit the Auckland or Christchurch Chinese lantern festival with their families.

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