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Reflecting and evaluating

In this section, time is given for the teacher and students to together reflect on what understandings they have reached about the question: 'How does cultural interaction impact on cultures and societies?' There are opportunities for deep reflective discussion as well as summative assessment activities.


The conceptual understanding summary sheet uses a similar concept circle as that at the beginning of the unit. By working through two initial tasks students then are asked to respond in some detail to the following statement:

'Explain how cultural interaction impacts on cultures and societies, using the celebrations studied in this unit to provide supporting evidence' .

In order to have a detailed response, one suitable way to have students respond would be in an essay but teachers may adapt this activity to suit the students.

Summative assessment opportunity of conceptual understanding developed in this unit

Choose an appropriate activity to wrap-up the unit with your students. Some suggestions are:

  • Create a brick wall (students write key observations onto A5 size sheets which are then displayed to look like a brick wall of things you have learned about celebrations, cultural interaction and Asia during this unit).
  • Each student creates and presents a one minute speech about what they have learned in this unit, and how they have learned it.
  • In groups, students create a play that encapsulates a key aspect of learning from this unit; for example, identity, cultural interaction, leadership.

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