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Level 5


"Alternative world views exist (in New Zealand) with differing cultural aspirations, preferences and practices."

– R. Bishop & T. Glynn, Culture Counts 

Celebrations: Exploring the impact of cultural interaction


In this unit students are challenged to develop understandings of cultural interaction through exploring fresh contexts in Asia and New Zealand. The unit uses a social inquiry approach and enables teachers and students to think and work in contemporary ways.

This unit is designed to be adaptable. It may be taught in its entirety or used within existing programmes, such as a unit on national identity. For teachers using this as a complete unit, the intention is that it may be taught in any order, not just the sequence in which it is presented.

Image (right): 'Elaborate', sourced from Flickr

Learning opportunities

Overview of level 5
Developing conceptual understandings
Who celebrates?
Celebrating people who have had an impact in Asian society
New Year celebrations
Reflecting and evaluating
Ideas for extension

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