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Asia celebrations level 4

 "Alternative world views exist (in New Zealand) with differing cultural aspirations, preferences and practices."

– R. Bishop & T. Glynn, Culture Counts


Row of boys drumming

 What are the opportunities?

  •  Examine concepts of identity, organisation, and culture within an Asian context for students in New Zealand schools.
  •  Recognise that celebrations are a part of the lives of all New Zealand students.
  •  Open students up to a deeper understanding of cultures throughout the Asian region.
  •  Explore the way that migrant communities celebrate in New Zealand.

Select from these resources in a way that best suits your classroom and school community. It allows for curriculum to be co-constructed with students. This resource gives all students a personalised knowledge base, and cements home school partnerships and enhances the status of diverse learners in the classroom learning community.

Image: 'Kids are drumming', sourced from Flickr

Learning opportunities

Overview of level 4
Possible focus questions
Questioning and brainstorming
Using images
Using narrative
Gathering information
Sharing and creating

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