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Asia celebrations

Celebrations engage all our senses, connect us to others, and foster a sense of place.

They are a good starting point to investigate values and traditions, cultural interaction and identity, and to foster many of the principles of The New Zealand Curriculum.

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Level 2

This unit of learning explores the concepts of culture, identity, and diversity. These areas are explored using students' own experiences, and responses to narratives, images and objects within an Asian context. Students are given opportunities to reflect on their learning throughout the unit.

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Level 4

This unit of learning examines the concepts of identity, organisation and culture for Asian students in New Zealand schools. This unit will open new understanding of cultures throughout the Asian region, while also examining the way that migrant communities celebrate in New Zealand.

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Level 5

In this unit students are challenged to develop understandings of cultural interaction through exploring fresh contexts in Asia and New Zealand. The unit uses a social inquiry approach and enables teachers and students to think and work in contemporary ways.

  • How do the peoples and nations of Asia celebrate important festivals or rites of passage?
  • What do we understand of the diverse cultures that make up each of these nations and how they may celebrate special events or people?
  • How, over time, has intermingling and interaction with other cultural groups influenced the nature of these celebrations?
  • In what ways have the celebrations important to Asian migrants affected New Zealand society generally?
  • How are the celebratory activities of Asian cultures similar to or different from national, religious or family celebrations familiar to New Zealanders?

These and other questions are explored in the three units of learning provided here. Each unit explores a different angle on celebrations and provides learning activities specific to the needs of those working at level 2, 4, or 5 of The New Zealand Curriculum.

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