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Global approach

Fonterra has formed strong partnerships within key parts of the world and works to make their products the first choice of customers and consumers wherever they do business. This has enabled Fonterra to maximize the price of milk for shareholders and add value to customers and consumers through the creation and sale of milk products customised for specific global regions.

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Fonterra Brands is the consumer products division of Fonterra, responsible for the production, distribution, marketing and sales of ready-to-use dairy products in selected regions of the world. These include Australasia, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and Latin America. The wide range of products include ready-to-drink milk and nutritional milk powders, butter, yoghurt, cheeses, and ice creams using well known brands such as Anchor, Tip Top, Anlene, Brownes, Anmum, Mainland, Fresh ‘n Fruity, Soprole and Fernleaf. To cater to the specific needs of each market there is a network of regional teams that have an intimate knowledge of local tastes and the requirements of customers on the ground.

"Fonterra’s consumer businesses represented 55% of the co-operative’s earnings in 2010–11 and profit growth has averaged 11.1% annually over the past four years."

As well as these products, Fonterra has developed value added ingredients such as colostrum, whey, pre- and probiotics and concentrated creams sold separately for specific applications. For example, Fonterra has a wide range of functional protein ingredients that allow beverage manufacturers to deliver dairy nutrition to their consumers in convenient formats. As the beverage market moves beyond traditional dairy and protein beverage applications into mainstream functional waters and sports drinks, Fonterra’s ClearProtein™, developed from whey, is increasingly used in sports nutrition brands in the USA and by a leading sports nutrition company in Australia. Specialised dairy proteins are also used in medical nutrition products for the aged.

Fonterra’s Foodservice business, aimed at the growing ‘out of home eating’ market, is now worth $1 billion in revenue. This global business operates in 50 countries with a portfolio of cheese, cream, butter, yoghurt, pastries, and beverages. Customers include the largest restaurant chains in the world, as well as hotels, cafés, airlines, work places, entertainment venues, and institutions. 

'Fonterra’s Foodservice business operates in around 50 countries.'

Investments with partners in joint ventures around the world include:

  • Dairy Partners Americas with Nestlé, which sells dairy consumer products in Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina and Columbia
  • DMV Fonterra Excipients, one of the largest suppliers of pharmaceutical grade lactose to the pharmaceuticals industry for use in tablets and inhalers.

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