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Augen director speaking in Parliament about NZ future with Asia.

Augen’s founders have a clear and passionate view about where they see themselves in terms of sustainability.

In the first instance, their priority is to ensure they have a future by being financially sustainable. There are two aspects to this:

  • the traditional mechanics of business, such as short to medium-term financial sustainability, including profit and loss, revenue, expenses, and so on
  • Augen's medium to long-term sustainability is based on external factors, such as the broader environment the business works within, encompassing both people and their physical environment.

Global sustainability

AugenASIA’s focus is now on areas of business and industries that support the planet and the human race.

Choosing to focus on the broader concept of sustainability means the company chooses to prioritise its work on projects that are based on clean, green, renewable or sustainable technology solutions. Augen is now positioned to develop software products and systems to support industries that provide sustainable solutions and to broker relationships between New Zealand and Asia in sustainability.

As opposed to focusing on the traditionally lucrative areas of banking and finance, as they might have in the past, Augen believes that working with industries that operate in sustainable ways, in the long term, offers a more recession proof solution and builds a solid foundation for its future in business.

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