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Augen’s first wave of innovation was to expand into software product development, having originally been focused solely on software services.

While most products have been developed and on-sold, freeing up capital to continue developing other parts of the business, their Benecura product has been retained, with Augen developing a business around delivering this to the market. Benecura is an enterprise solution for providers of community healthcare, disability and social services to manage the complexities of their business. It was developed in close collaboration with the health sector, for the sector, and is now marketed throughout.

Other product developments have included:

  •  an online portal as a software platform for personal trainers
  • a two-factor authentication digital security product for online banking.

Innovation and awards

The second wave of innovation was to establish Augen’s capability to use resources from its Vietnam base to work on projects for New Zealand customers, while at the same time extending the potential to undertake work in a range of different markets. In this way the business could combine the low cost of resources out of Vietnam with the high level of expertise from New Zealand to add depth to their project capability and to deliver better outcomes for their customers.

11 people in formal attire, including Helen Clark, with certificate and trophy in front of banner that has text: Computerworld Excellence Awards.


A more recent wave of innovation that is growing rapidly for Augen has been to offer services to New Zealand companies who want to market their own software products in Asia. Augen’s experience has evolved to enable them to develop an area of services targeted to this niche market, as they have been through the process themselves and know exactly what is required.

Over time Augen has realised the value of their own experience in Asia and what this is worth to other New Zealand companies looking to go down a similar route. While initially this information was shared informally, the company began to realise this could be developed as a professional service. Consequently, AugenASIA was established to advance business, community, governmental, and environmental development across the Asia-Pacific region with a particular focus on opportunities to make a difference that exist between Asia and Australasia.

Clean and green technology solutions

Having spent several years establishing themselves in the market, Augen were aware of how many Asian countries were dealing with challenges and issues associated with:

Two people in a darkened boardroom participating in an online meeting. Two people appear on TV screen at the end of the table.
  • air
  • water
  • food
  • energy
  • shelter
  • environment
  • healthcare
  • education
  • safety
  • security
  • climate change
  • natural disasters.

From this knowledge came the logical next step and their most recent innovation. This involves connecting the people and organisations in Asia, who have to address such problems, with providers of clean and green technology solutions from New Zealand, Australia, and other countries.

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