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Global markets

Map showing Augen service range in Asia.

The decision to expand and establish a development base in Asia has enabled Augen to learn more about what is happening outside of New Zealand. This exposure has enabled the company to see the emergence of potential new markets, including opportunities for the New Zealand side of their business.

As entrepreneurs, both partners have been able to pursue new opportunities, as they have arisen, more often than would be the case in more traditional CEO or Managing Director roles.

'AugenASIA is all about your vision for international business! We don’t just help you open new doors, but also facilitate new ways to engage and grow your business. Long-term sustainability is imperative both locally and internationally – we are here for the long haul.'

Mitchell Pham - Co-founder, International Development Director

New Zealand companies often find difficulties in gaining access to Asian markets. However, having a base in Vietnam, and a wide network in the surrounding ASEAN/China region, has given Augen exposure to opportunities to grow its businesses in multiple areas at the same time, through many trusted connections and relationships. This eventually allowed the group to expand outside their original focus of ICT, into clean and green technology solutions, simply because they have access to the emerging business opportunities and the people and organisations associated with them.

Augen, as an organisation, combined with its directors as individuals, actively engage, support and maintain memberships in networks of influence in Vietnam and the surrounding region. Many of these networks have directly contributed to Augen’s expansion path and influence in multiple markets over recent years; such as:

  • VINASA (Vietnamese Software Association)
  • SAVVi (Strategic Alliance Vietnamese Ventures International)
  • BAOOV (Business Association Of Overseas Vietnamese)
  • Asia 21 Young Leaders Network (an Asia-Pacific wide network of influential people and organisations).

Another important benefit of being physically present and fully engaged in business in Asia can be seen in the example of Augen’s membership in the VINASA network. Being a member of this network has given Augen access to the network’s international links, events and business development programmes, trade missions and promotional activities with European countries.

Similarly, being a member of the SAVVi has given Augen access to the United States market in way that it otherwise would not have had. As the United States and Europe continue to focus on and strengthen their business links with Asia, being a part of Asia will continue to open the company’s mind to new business possibilities and markets in the broadest sense.

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