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Case study 4: Augen

Published April 2011

AUGEN is a New Zealand-owned group of related software services and product development companies based in New Zealand and Vietnam.

Augen Software logo.

The group works with a wide range of industry sectors including:

  • banking
  • finance
  • insurance
  • community healthcare
  • disability and social services
  • fitness
  • human resources
  • industrial and legal services
  • manufacturing
  • transport
  • utilities.

The group has further expanded to include connecting problem areas in Asia with clean and green technology solutions from New Zealand and further afield.

'Augen builds lifetime partnerships! Long-term relationships enable us to make the most difference. We have a highly flexible range of services – to complement the ever changing needs and evolution of business.'

Peter Vile - Co-founder, CEO

Origins of Augen

Augen was founded in 1993 by a group of entrepreneurial students who met while studying together at the University of Auckland. Their idea was to form a company using Microsoft technologies as their core platform, offering their customers a range of custom-developed business software solutions and related consultancy and support services.

Between 1993 and 1998, Augen focused on providing software services in New Zealand while working with several partners to service their sales and marketing requirements. In 1998 the company began to expand into the development of software products, and engaged in a number of joint ventures across a range of industries. Most of these have since been sold, as the company consolidated in order to focus on developing their core business and survive the 2009 global financial crisis.

Expanding into Asia

Of the five founding members, one had originally come to New Zealand as a refugee from Vietnam. When he went back to visit family, he began investigating the potential for Augen to expand its operation into Asia.

Four men in a boardroom participating in virtual meeting, with screen projection on wall.

In 2005, Augen set up an office and development centre in Ho Chi Min City. Today the company has a workforce of more than 35 staff across the two countries. The Vietnam-based staff are employed by Augen Vietnam Limited, a company registered in Vietnam and fully owned by Augen New Zealand Limited (a company registered in New Zealand). The Vietnam operation functions as a virtual extension of its New Zealand parent company.

Growth and development

Over the years the business group has continued to evolve and reinvent itself, changing from initially focusing on the local market to having a more global view of business and being adaptive to the realities of an ever-changing world. This in turn has lead to the definition of Augen’s business broadening to encompass new opportunities.

Today the Augen Software Group is owned and led by two of the original five founders. It is an umbrella group under which several businesses sit. Each of these operates as separate entities with their own branding, profile, and focus.

The Augen group comprises software service companies in both New Zealand and Vietnam, a product development business, and most recently, further expansion with the development of AugenASIA. These business activities have been developed in parallel to one another through relationships and engagements with a wide range of people and organisations. As a result, new opportunities have arisen for partnerships to be formed and for the company to undertake work of an entirely new nature.

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