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The future

Zespri sales representative shows a shopper a bag of Zespri kiwifruit..

The integrity and reputation of the Zespri brand will continue to be integral to the success of the industry. Giving meaning to the brand through investment in promotional materials and point of sales collateral has resulted in Zespri being in a position where it now earns premiums above other kiwifruit producers.

Another critical factor will be the success of new varieties of kiwifruit. Zespri has released three new varieties in 2010 and is looking for other opportunities to release more, including a red-fleshed variety.

Research shows some consumers prefer their fruit sweeter or with improved attributes such as colour, while others want fruit that will store for longer periods. Successfully developing these combinations is important.

Fruit picker emptying their basket into a large crate of kiwifruit.

In terms of ensuring regular consumption, health will also be a big consideration. Sharing the health benefits of kiwifruit with their high levels of vitamin C and fibre will continue to be extremely important in the challenge to convert new consumers. Ultimately the ability to move consumers from eating kiwifruit once a week to more often will also factor into this strategy, as will the taste performance aspect which is continually being enhanced. While this is a difficult task, it is important for Zespri to ensure they can justify their premiums by consistently delivering better tasting products.

Sustainability has been a big factor within the industry for some time and will continue to be a focus. Owners and key stakeholders tend to be those who are very in-tune with the land and aware of the issues related to sustainability.

Zespri’s packaging out of New Zealand is manufactured from renewable, sustainable, harvest plantation blocks. The company looks to reduce the amount of packaging required in any one shipment and, as much as possible, sell in bulk formats to minimise packaging and maximize the freight efficiency of this process, having less environmental impact.

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