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The future

ANZ has stated that its strategy moving forward is to be a super-regional bank within the Asia Pacific area. It will retain its traditional focus on the 'home' markets of Australia and New Zealand, as well as the Pacific Islands, but will also invest heavily in the East Asian region, and India.

'ANZ’s super-regional strategy, with its focus on New Zealand, Australia and growth markets in Asia Pacific, is well aligned with New Zealand’s strategy for an export-led recovery.'

David Hisco, Chief Executive Officer, ANZ New Zealand

This strategy has gained momentum since the mid-2000s and ANZ now has in excess of 12,000 staff in Asia and 48,000 worldwide. The Bank will maintain a presence in the global financial cities of London and New York, with the primary focus of those offices to identify and direct business that companies in Europe and USA may be doing with Asia (and Australia/New Zealand) towards the ANZ Asia branches.

People stand around baggage claim area in Hong Kong airport with lit up ANZ advertising above and to the left of them.

While the Bank has a stated regional strategy, the business in Asia will differ from one country to another. In some countries it will operate as a full service bank (similar to New Zealand), dealing with all customer segments from retail through to large companies.

The retail business will predominately be what is called 'high end', that is, the bank will target the wealthier customers who see value in using a foreign bank. The reason for this is that as a non-local bank its branch presence will always be much smaller than the larger domestic banks, so it would be unrealistic to expect to be able to offer banking services to all customer segments across a large geographic reach, such as every village in a country like Indonesia or China.

In some other countries the Bank will have a limited number of branches and will cater mainly to large companies. This is because the local banking system is already well developed and there is little benefit in competing at the retail/branch level. In some countries, establishing a retail presence from scratch would be too costly/difficult at this time and therefore a retail business is a strategy for the future. Japan, Korea, and The Philippines would be countries in this category.

The Bank is well on its way to becoming one of the major pan Asian banks operating in the Asia Pacific region. It will never be the largest bank but ANZ will have one of the largest geographic reaches across Asia Pacific, represented in almost every country from India in the West to the Cook Islands in the far eastern Pacific Ocean.

ANZ logo.

It is for this reason that ANZ recently adopted, for the first time, a logo – previously the bank was only represented by the letters 'ANZ'. The new logo, introduced in 2009, was designed to appeal to the Banks increasing non-English customer base for which an alphabet meant little. The logo represents the Bank's three main markets of New Zealand, Australia, and Asia.

The Bank expects a large percentage of its future profit to come from the Asian region.

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