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The future

The future for Glidepath looks positive.

'Research and development is also a priority – staying ahead of the technology is a new critical success factor'.

Housley states Glidepath will be expanding their offshore presence (which may mean a contraction of its New Zealand staff in some job categories).

Two suitcases on conveyer belt on Glidepath baggage handling system.

'We are opening offices in our key markets which will each be expanded as we secure greater opportunities in the regions. For example in China – we have relocated Tim Kotlar (sales) and hired Tongzhou Chen (technical) but we will continue to expand our presence as demand in the market dictates and will ultimately be able to offer design, sub-assembly (if not manufacture) project management, electrical and controls expertise as well as after-sales support from within the market.

India and China are two key Asian markets where demand will be sufficient to allow us to expand our presence as long as we continue to win work. Being in the market and utilising local market resources will help us reduce costs which will make us more competitive not only in our Asian markets, but also in other markets around the world.

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