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Features of an Asia Aware kura or school

Street lanterns.

Creating change to become Asia Aware is about working with teachers, students, and the community to develop a shared commitment to learning about Asia. It’s about developing a shared understanding of the importance of preparing students to engage with Asia in their lifetime.

An Asia Aware kura or school:

  • provides students with opportunities to learn about and experience Asia at all levels of study
  • has policies that reflect the importance of learning about Asia
  • supports teachers to gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to teach students about Asia
  • celebrates the heritage of Asian cultures.

An Asia Aware kura or school with significant Asian communities:

  • provides for the diverse learning needs of Asian students
  • creates opportunities in and outside the classroom for Asian students to have positive interactions with each other and with other students
  • encourages Asian students to share their cultures and languages
  • communicates with Asian parents and families in an appropriate way
  • creates networks within the Asian communities to support Asian students and the school
  • creates networks with other organisations and agencies to support Asian students and the school
  • supports school leaders to feel confident in engaging with the school’s Asian communities.

"Ko tōku hapori he ata o tōku ao"

"My community is a reflection of my world"

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