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Making changes to become an Asia Aware kura or school

Tumuaki, principals, teachers, and kaiako can create change to become an Asia Aware kura or school by engaging with boards of trustees, staff, students, and the community.

Here are some key questions to get you started:

  • How do we currently encourage, promote, and initiate student learning about Asia?
  • Do we have a policy in place to encourage learning opportunities about Asia?
  • Does our policy identify clear expectations for students, staff, and whānau around increasing our learning and understanding about Asia?
  • Do our teachers have professional development in teaching and supporting student learning about Asia?
  • How easy is it for students and teachers to access information about Asia in our kura or school environment?
  • What networks do we have in our community to help us build on our learning and understanding of Asia?
  • How can we build professional relationships with other schools both here and internationally to increase our understanding of Asia?

You might find the school scans on the Templates, tools, and resources page a useful place to start.

Quick tips to creating an Asia Aware environment in your kura or school

  • Get students to organise lunchtime activities that build on their learning about Asia, for example, a shared lunch with Asian kai.
  • Encourage teachers to use Asian settings and topics in teaching and learning programmes.
  • Have a brief ‘Did you know?’ information segment about Asia in your weekly notices.
  • Include a ‘learning about Asia’ target in your annual targets.
  • Celebrate Asian holidays and include Asia Aware events into the kura or school calendar to develop students’ understanding of Asian cultures and languages, for example, the Chinese Lantern Festival.
  • Create learning opportunities about Asia that involve whānau and the community.

"Kia eke ahau ki tōku taumata"

"Let me reach my full potential"

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