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Becoming an Asia Aware school


Becoming an Asia Aware kura or school is about expanding your school community’s knowledge of Asia and encouraging students to grow as citizens of the world.

Creating change to become Asia Aware is about working with teachers, students, and the community to include Asia in an integrated way into your teaching and learning programmes. An Asia Aware kura or school is committed to encouraging and supporting students to become global citizens, capable of thriving in an interconnected world.

How do we grow ‘global citizens’?

Supporting students to become global citizens means ensuring they:

  • understand what the term ‘Asia’ means
  • develop informed attitudes and values
  • understand how New Zealand is connected to Asia
  • develop intercultural skills and understandings
  • increasingly learn to communicate in an Asian language or languages.

Becoming an Asia Aware kura or school will help your students learn these values and skills.

"Ko tōku kura he ara ki te ao"

"My school – a pathway to the world"

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