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Why focus on Asia?

Looking at Asia

As part of a global community, New Zealand is influenced by international events and trends. Changing trade and migration patterns, alliances, and conflicts on the world stage mean that there is a growing need for New Zealand to build closer links with Asia. The influence of Asia on New Zealand is already significant and growing every day – no matter where we live in Aotearoa.

Three of the world’s top five economies are Asian: China, Japan, and India. Asia’s growing global influence already affects what we eat, where we travel, how we work, and New Zealand’s job market and standard of living. Many Asian countries buy New Zealand goods such as wood, dairy products, wool, fish, and meat. Many New Zealanders work and live in Asia.

Quick facts about Asia

  • Asia has 60% of the world’s population and 30% of the world’s land mass
  • Asia has two of the fastest growing economies in the world: China and India
  • Many of the world’s religions, including Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity are practised in Asia.

For further information, check out the Asia:NZ Foundation website.

"Mā te ako mōhau, ka whānui atu taku ako mōku ake"

"Through learning about you, I learn about myself"

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