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Asia celebrations level 4

"Alternative world views exist (in New Zealand) with differing cultural aspirations, preferences and practices." R. Bishop & T.Glynn, Culture Counts


Row of boys drumming

What are the opportunities?

  • Examine concepts of identity, organisation, and culture within an Asian context for students in New Zealand schools.
  • Recognise that celebrations are a part of the lives of all New Zealand students.
  • Open students up to a deeper understanding of cultures throughout the Asian region.
  • Explore the way that migrant communities celebrate in New Zealand.

Select from these resources in a way that best suits your classroom and school community. It allows for curriculum to be co-constructed with students. This resource gives all students a personalised knowledge base, and cements home school partnerships and enhances the status of diverse learners in the classroom learning community.

Image 'Kids are drumming' sourced from Flickr creative commons licensed images

Learning opportunities

Overview of level 4
Possible focus questions
Questioning and brainstorming
Using images
Using narrative
Gathering information
Sharing and creating

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