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Resources for schools and teachers

Resources for teachers

Resources for principals

Resources for students

Resources for schools and teachers

Resources for teachers

Resources for principals

Resources for students

Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education provides a range of resources and initiatives to support the teaching of languages, including Chinese.

New Zealand Curriculum and supporting resources
The Learning Languages area of the New Zealand Curriculum is particularly relevant for the teaching of Chinese. The Ministry has also developed a number of other resources for the teaching of languages, including Chinese in New Zealand schools:

Hao! An introduction to Modern Standard Chinese

This is an introductory resource to support teaching and learning of Chinese. It aligns with curriculum levels 1 and 2 for learning languages. This resource is available to New Zealand schools free of charge.

Hao! Supplementary materials
This website provides supplementary material, including learning activities and tips for teachers, to support the Learning Languages Series Chinese course, entitled Hăo! An introduction to Chinese. This course is designed for years 7 and 8 students, and supports the Chinese in the New Zealand Curriculum achievement objectives for level 1 and level 2.

Future Learning Solutions – Centre for Languages
Future Learning Solutions – Centre for Languages supports teachers and schools to cater effectively for Learning Languages. Language study, pedagogy and In-school Support are the three components of TPDL. All teachers of languages, regardless of their teaching or language learning experience, are catered for.

Mandarin Language Assistants
Six Mandarin Language Assistants were placed in New Zealand schools for the 2010 academic year. The initiative aims to promote the learning of Mandarin and raise the quality of Mandarin language provision in New Zealand schools. Primary, intermediate and secondary schools are eligible to apply to host a Mandarin Language Assistant, either individually or in partnership with other schools, including clusters has more information. The Confucius Institute in Auckland has more information.

Confucius Institute in Auckland and Asia New Zealand Foundation

The Asia New Zealand Foundation and Confucius Institute in Auckland both provide support for schools, teachers of Chinese and students. Their services are available to schools that are introducing or have introduced Chinese language programmes. This support includes advice and support, introductory programmes, networking and information exchange, conferences, professional development, and online resources.

Chinese in schools facilitators
Two facilitators work with schools to introduce and develop Chinese language programmes. They can be contacted through the websites of the Confucius Institute in Auckland or the Asia New Zealand Foundation.

Local teacher assistants
Local Teacher Assistants are also available to assist teachers in classrooms. Confucius Institute in Auckland and can assist in placing Local Teacher Assistants in New Zealand schools.

Confucius Classrooms 
Schools can participate in the Confucius Classrooms. Confucius Classrooms are school-based hubs for Chinese teaching and learning. CCs managed by CI Auckland are eligible to receive annual funding from Hanban/CI Headquarters, as well as books and teaching materials. 

Online Resources
Chinese in Schools provides a number of resources online, including information for teachers, suggestions for student activities, and assessment. 

Chinese in Schools Resource Library
Academic and cultural resources from the Confucius Institute in Auckland and Chinese Language Foundation can be accessed from the Confucius Institute in Auckland reading room. Resources range from text books to costumes. Schools can read or photocopy relevant sections of books or order class sets through The Confucius Institute.

NZ Principals’ Delegation to China
The Confucius Institute in Auckland and Chinese Language Foundation organise an annual New Zealand Principal annual New Zealand Principals’ Delegation visit to China. Sponsored by the Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban) in China, this tailored trip provides the opportunity for New Zealand Principals to gain firsthand experience of Chinese culture and contemporary Chinese society.

Confucius Institute in Auckland

The Confucius Institute in Auckland, based at the University of Auckland, works to increase New Zealanders’ knowledge and experience of Chinese language and culture.

Chinese Cultural Centre at the Confucius Institute in Auckland
Teachers can visit the Confucius Institute in Auckland’s Cultural Centre. The Centre houses a specialised Chinese collection, including antique Chinese furniture and artefacts. Contact the Confucius Institute in Auckland for visiting hours.

Chinese language examinations
Confucius Institute in Auckland is an approved exam centre for the internationally recognised HSK (Chinese language proficiency exams for non-native speakers of Chinese), YCT (young non-native Chinese language learners), and BCT (Business Chinese Test) exams.

The CI administers a number of scholarships, for students and teachers alike. Scholarships include:

  • Confucius Institute scholarship
    The Confucius Institute "Study in China" scholarship awards four weeks of intensive language and culture study at a Chinese university to non native New Zealand speakers of Chinese. 
  • New Zealand-China scholarship
    The New Zealand–China scholarship annually provides up to ten New Zealanders the opportunity to study in China. It funds a full academic year’s study of Chinese language and related subjects at a tertiary institute in China. 

Confucius Classrooms
New Zealand schools or clusters can apply to the Confucius Institute in Auckland to establish a Confucius Classroom. Once approved by the Confucius Institute and Hanban in China, the host school is eligible for establishment funding from China and further annual funding for school or cluster projects relating to Chinese language and culture, on a 50:50 basis.

Future Learning Solutions – Centre for Languages

Future Learning Solutions – Centre for Languages supports schools and teachers throughout New Zealand to implement the Learning Languages curriculum area and to promote improved student learning outcomes in Learning Languages. Have a look at the five-stage professional learning pathway for schools and teachers in years 7–13.

Chinese National Language Advisor
The Chinese National Language Advisor offers support to teachers of Chinese. Professional learning opportunities are offered, including workshops, courses, in-school support, personal contact, and visits where teachers meet together in learning communities.

Supports the development of Chinese language education in New Zealand. The support includes:

  • offering workshops and courses and meetings focusing on teaching materials, resources and pedagogy that promote intercultural communicative language teaching in Chinese
  • advice and guidance for schools on establishing and sustaining Chinese language programmes
  • providing information on networking opportunities for teachers of Chinese
  • providing advice and guidance on immersion opportunities, scholarships and professional learning opportunities both in New Zealand and abroad

More information on immersion opportunities, scholarships and workshops can be found on Future Learning Solutions – Centre for Languages' website.

The New Zealand Association of Language Teachers (NZALT)

NZALT is a professional association for over 500 teachers of languages (other than English or Māori) from the school and tertiary sectors. They have information on conferences, professional development awards, news alerts, and the specialist international language associations and advisers within New Zealand.

Confucius Institute

The Confucius Institute at the University of Canterbury was established in November 2009 and will support the teaching of Chinese language and culture in New Zealand schools.

Asia:NZ Foundation

Asia:New Zealand Foundation undertakes a range of initiatives to increase New Zealanders’ Asia Awareness. It offers schools and students a number of opportunities to enhance Asia Awareness. This can include initiatives with respect to China. 

Asia:NZ Leadership Network
The Asia:NZ Leadership Network brings together young and talented people who are forging New Zealand’s future relations with Asia. 18-35 year olds can join.

New Zealand Chinese Language Teachers Association

NZCLTA promotes the study of Chinese language and culture in New Zealand. Its members include teachers and community members. NZCLA undertakes conferences, speech and reading competitions, and language and cultural events.

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